Food for thought 2021

Did you Know…

Marketing on a budget

Whilst we are still coping with the pandemic, businesses will no doubt be cutting back on expenses with marketing normally the first to go. So expect you’re budgets to be cut but don’t worry, be smart with what you have and utilise your best assets – you’re employees remember they’re your brand ambassadors. If we learnt one thing throughout last year it was about pulling together and showing community spirit, so ask them to share, like and retweet content – It’s simple to do and more importantly free! It adds authenticity to the feel of the business which hugely counts and is extremely important to consumers when deciding on brands to support and shop at.

Remember what your aim is!

Ultimately, as marketers in the merchant world our brief in principle is to create awareness of our brand, build loyalty within our customers, enhance the customer experience that leads to sale conversions but also remember that at the end of the day as one of my favourite quotes goes “People do business with people”.  

Social Media – Jump on board

Whether you like or agree with social media here it is here to stay, it will and is only get bigger and unless you jump aboard you will be left behind. This is due to the ever changing landscape of our sector. Merchant customers who started businesses are coming to retirement age and with that handing over the reins to their sons and daughters who do not want to waste a minute – TIME IS MONEY. Click and Collect has slowly started to infiltrate merchant life and some may say it has been the lifeline of 2020.

Don’t see it as a negative but see it as a positive to help you reach your existing and new audience. Using social media you’re able to reach far wider audiences than traditional methods as well as managing your brand, interact with your customers and share news what your business has to say.

Did you know… 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family (Lyfemarketing, 2018)

Content is King  – VIDEO

Don’t pigeon hole yourself or your team in to the ‘traditional approach’. What I mean by this is that we work in what has been a traditional industry which is slowly turning to the digital way and therefore you can come up against resistance to change.

Always be prepared to a take a shot at a new concept or platform but plan for it so you can back it up when asked. With the amount of change we’ve all had to deal with over the past year digital has become the norm. For example, video content on social creates far more engagement as per HubSpot’s Not Another State of Marketing report in the Q4 of 2020 discovered. Video was the most commonly used marketing content – and the second most engaging content type on social media.

The big five platforms (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) have amped their video capabilities, HubSpot predicting high video consumption will continue to grow throughout 2021.

It will be valuable for your business so to begin create short videos so you can test which type of videos your target audience favours. From there you can go on to explore collaborations with suppliers and even your own customers!

The Summary

  • Don’t stand still because you’ll only go backwards
  • Budgets can and will change so be flexible and utilise what you have around you
  • Be prepared to try different methods
  • If you’re unsure of social media and how it can help your business speak to someone who can help you
  • Good content is still KING
  • People do business with people
  • Keep safe, stay strong, you’ve got this!