Institute of Builders’ Merchants and Builders Merchants Federation merge

Breakthrough as two industry organisations merge

In a proposal intended to benefit the whole building materials industry, The Institute of Builders’ Merchants (IoBM) will merge with the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) but will be operated as a separate brand within the trade organisation.

At the IoBM AGM earlier this week, members sanctioned the merger that will give the institute access to the trade associations resources and personnel whilst retaining its own management board.

Talks of an amalgamation between the two organisations have been aired for the past few years however with this vote of confidence it will take effect from the 1st May 2021 and will see all the assets, activities and membership of the IoBM transferred to the BMF.

The new IoBM board will consist of John Newcomb (CEO, BMF), Richard Ellithorne (Membership Services Director, BMF) the Chair and Vice Chair of BMF Young Merchants and two existing Institute Board Members that will be named in the coming months.

Dave Saunders, President of the IoBM, said “The Institute and the BMF have a common ethos around Training, Professionalism and Certification within the industry and I am delighted that we have agreed a joint way ahead.  As a separately managed brand within the BMF, the Institute will remain open to all those employed within the industry and benefit from the surety provided by the greater operational resources of the BMF.”

As part of the deal all IoBM members will keep their current membership grade upon transfer but in future, IoBM Membership grades will be aligned with BMF training as well as other accredited courses and qualifications. 

John Newcomb said “This energising fusion of two aligned organisations serving the merchant industry will open up fresh opportunities, while maintaining the traditional values of the IoBM. The Management Committee together with the BMF Board has pledged to develop and publish a 3-5 year strategic plan during 2021, mapping the pathway for the Institute’s development. We look forward to a bright and relevant future for the Institute.”

Richard Hill, Chairman of the BMF Board said “The merger creates an exciting opportunity to build on the existing professionalism of the merchant sector, creating opportunities for colleagues at every level to study for a recognised certificate of personal development.”

Hopefully, this will begin a new chapter for training and education within the sector and will see the creation of new courses and opportunities within the building materials industry for people looking to further their career.

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