ClientJVB Solutions

Building a long term leads funnel

We have worked with JVB Solutions an electical, plumbing & construction business for over a year, helping them to improve their marketing & drive new business.

We began our work with JVB by realising that the customers were not clear what services they could offer. Making this clear was a key issue as many customers would be open to using multiple services. We re-designed their website as well as created some printed brochures that detailed their services & would allow conversations to start with the customers. We also created an email marketing campaign to allow JVB to reach their 4,000+ customers directly.

We saw an immediate improvement in customers returning to JVB as well as an increase in new customers. We have continued to work with JVB, designing print collateral, maintaining all of their social media accounts, creating relevant marketing campaigns & driving their new business, which as a combined service has directly led to an increase in sales & business growth.