Why blogging is important in today’s building materials sector?

Why blogging is important in today’s building materials sector?

Firstly, let’s start by looking at what blogging does and can achieve; 

  1. Increase web traffic (potential new clients)
  2. Boost your SEO
  3. Enhance your brand within your sector

The vital part is the quality of your posts.  People trust blogs and so posting relevant content is an extremely valuable tool to increase traffic to your website. It helps with SEO enormously because it allows search engines a reason to keep re-crawling your website to find new content to catalogue.

Blogs can also create debate or discussion around topics which become;

  • Thought-provoking
  • Idea stimulating
  • Spread knowledge of latest tips and trends

Businesses blog to give potential customers information and use the blog title to replicate what potential clients are searching for online – You are effectively answering customers questions or search terms in Google/Bing etc.

For example, a merchant may have an info & advice page on their website that includes product information on the different colours of timber used in fencing.

However, if you wrote a blog on ‘A guide to the different types of fencing you can use?’ with keyword rich content, sharing your specialist knowledge on the subject, the greater the chance the page will be found.

So, what’s the end of result?

Ultimately, search engines (Google/Bing) will acknowledge that you’re not only focusing on the search term directly but discussing the subject with expertise, therefore acknowledging you as a thought leader within your specific industry.

Helpful Tip

Get everyone in the business to write down three questions they’d like to ask regarding the company, a product or service. Once completed, use the questions and compare with your blog listings. If they haven’t all been answered you have headline titles for your next blog articles.

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