We're a creative marketing agency specialising in construction, building materials and property service. We help businesses to drive their business growth through carefully curated marketing campaigns, brand awareness and helping to build their sales funnels.

Agency 53 was born in 2020 out of a 15-year friendship and mutual love of all things marketing. Our founders, Michael Neligan and Jamie Pierce, first met back at university in 2009 and have been delivering successful marketing campaigns together ever since.

Jamie and Michael strongly believe that the best marketing agencies work closely with their clients as a seamless extension of their teams. Today, they support their clients with innovative marketing campaigns built from visually appealing designs and comprehensive multi-platform strategies.

Our Services

Brand Development

Your brand is so much more than just a logo. Everything you say and do creates a sense of your business in your customers’ mind, from the tone of your communications right down to your strap-line and social media posts. Our team will help you develop a strong, cohesive brand that makes your business stand out and resonates with your customers so you become their business of choice.

Social Media

Social media is more than just posting clever tweets and liking your customers’ posts. Nowadays it’s vital that your business gets the attention of your customers online – and does it in the right way. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you understand the different social media platforms, their audiences and which are the most suitable channels for your brand. Our team have the skills to help you communicate and engage with your audiences, to create specific campaigns with clear calls to action and to attract people with a genuine interest in your products or services. We provide on-off strategy creation or ongoing monitoring services – whatever you need, we’re here to help you.

Web & Digital

A website is often the first point of contact for prospective new customers. It’s where they find out who you are, what you offer and, often within seconds, where they’ll decide if they want to do business with you. Whether your current site needs a small update or a complete redesign, we can help you transform your website into your business’ most powerful marketing asset. We design and build website solutions primarily using WordPress that will make an impression and drive new traffic to your business.

Content Creation

Our expert team will create unique, inspiring content that will help you stand out in a saturated space. We’ll design eye-catching creative concepts that put your information into your customers’ hands and keeps your brand in the forefront of their minds. We’ll use innovative content to help your customers understand your business, trust your team and enable you to build strong relationships throughout your market.

Born out a 15 year friendship & mutual love for all things marketing, our Founders Jamie and Michael have have been delivering marketing campaigns since their time at university together.

Jamie and Michael met back in 2009 at University and have been working together on and off ever since in their capacity as a marketing director and graphic designer. Finally in 2020 and after years of talking about it, the stars finally aligned and they were able to launch Agency 53. Ever since they have been helping clients to build marketing campaigns using visually appealing designs and well thought out strategies. Both Jamie and Michael believe in working with clients to fully understand their business and to work seamlessly as an extension of their teams. 

Our Clients

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