We're a creative marketing agency specialising in construction, building materials and property service. We help businesses to drive their business growth through carefully curated marketing campaigns, brand awareness and helping to build their sales funnels.

We produce branding communications for companies of all sizes and from all different sectors. Whether a business is in need of a small change to a certain logo or campaign or a complete brand audit to reposition within their marketplace we have the skills to help you and make it happen. 

We go a step further than the creative design process; we’ll will help you to measure the impact of the campaign so you can see the ROI for yourself. Our team can develop the concept and design for your brands vision or message whether that be a strapline, new website or advertising campaign which will engage your audience.  

Our Services

Brand Development

It isn’t just what you say or how you look, It is the tone of all your communications which are essential elements when building a brand. From your name, tag line or any other attribute, a strong brand should make your business stand out from the competition. Our team can develop the concept and design for your brands vision or message whether that be a strap-line, new website or advertising campaign which will engage your audience. 

Social Media

We can help you to understand and to identify what the most suitable social channels are for your brand. Our team have the skills to help you to communicate and engage with your audiences whether you need help with developing specific campaigns with clear call to actions or to get the people clicking who are genuinely interested in your products or services. Our team can help to maintain and monitor your business accounts, allowing us or you, to keep an eye on how people are engaging with your brand.

Web & Digital

Your company website will be the first contact for many of your purposed clients and is in many ways your most powerful marketing asset. Whether your current site needs a small repair, overhaul or a complete redesign we can help. We design & build website solutions primarily using WordPress that meet your business needs. We help your website to make an impression and drives new traffic to your business.  

Content Creation

Clever tweets do work but nowadays, it takes much more than that to stand out and get attention on social media. Everyday we’re seeing the internet becoming filled with content that is not original. Having eye-catching, unique and creative content is what will help you stand out in a saturated space. This is where we step in, we make sure you have the best creatives to post on your channels that not only provide the correct information, but is also eye-catching and unique.

Born out a 15 year friendship & mutual love for all things marketing, our Founders Jamie and Michael have have been delivering marketing campaigns since their time at university together.

Jamie and Michael met back in 2009 at University and have been working together on and off ever since in their capacity as a marketing director and graphic designer. Finally in 2020 and after years of talking about it, the stars finally aligned and they were able to launch Agency 53. Ever since they have been helping clients to build marketing campaigns using visually appealing designs and well thought out strategies. Both Jamie and Michael believe in working with clients to fully understand their business and to work seamlessly as an extension of their teams. 

Our Clients

We are proud to have worked with many fantastic businesses


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