Workforce case study - Maddie Rose Campaign raising money for construction youth trust

Maddie Rose Campaign

In partnership with The Construction Youth Trust

This Industry is incredible and there are so many roads it can lead down. We were privileged to play a small part in the campaign by working with the Construction Youth Trust to create the brand identity for the Maddie Rose Campaign which we saw adopted by many merchants, suppliers and contractors on the day. 

We adapted their current logo, using their pattern to maintain brand identity and recognition and thus created the M you see in bright yellow, Maddie’s favourite colour.

Whilst working with the Construction Youth Trust the fundraising total is ongoing. The current campaign has reached over £100,000, which is phenomenal.

The funds raised by the campaign will help the CYT to continue their fantastic work raising awareness of aspirational careers across the suppliers and builders’ merchant sector.  

If you missed it, they released a Hidden Careers session pack in the hope that we can encourage branches, teams and sites across the sector to engage with local schools and colleges. Click the link to view the information here –

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