Otford Builders Merchant

Surrey / Kent

OBM is a two-branch merchant business operating in Kent. They approached Agency53 looking for support to develop their digital marketing campaigns, with a view to increasing sales among existing and lapsed customers.

Although OBM doesn’t have an eCommerce website, we understood the value of digital marketing in encouraging customers to return to OBM branches, and developed a number of marketing campaigns with new products and promotions that were sent out to the merchant’s existing customer database.

They have enjoyed a significant uptake in in-branch sales since the new marketing campaign was implemented, with one email alone resulting in an impressive £7,000 jump in sales to a single product line!

We are now supporting OBM on an ongoing basis with their social media content and graphics, working closely with their branch managers to create strong and effective marketing that will help increase footfall at both branches.

Key achievements to date:

  • Developing a series of marketing emails that have boosted sales to one product line by well over £7,000
  • Carrying out a comprehensive social media audit
  • Developing new marketing strategies to raise awareness of
    the business online

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